Protection Detail

This treatment is aimed for the daily road runner, whether it’s gearing up for the winter months ahead or decontaminating the paintwork after a hard winter on the road.



■   Foam cannon pre-soak & rinse
■   Two bucket multi mitt wash (scratch free wash)
■   Dry (forced air & plush microfiber towels)
■   All bonded contaminates removed from paint and glass (clay bar)
■   Degrease and dress wheel wells
■   Degrease all door jambs and sills plus protect
■   Remove all road tar
■   Clean wheels including wheel barrels
■   Degrease and dress tires (no sling water based formula)
■   Paint sealant (plus spray wax to enhance gloss and protection)
■   Clean windows (including hydrophobic spray sealant)
■   Plastic or rubber trim cleaned and dressed

Check our enhancement detail for coating upgrades

Starting at £150.00+vat

Small SUV's
Starting at £200.00+vat

Large SUV's
Starting at £250.00+vat