Correction Detail

Geared up for paintwork that’s had a hard life and needs rejuvenated whether its new or old.
We can guarantee your vehicle will leave our studio looking better than the day you picked it up!

The paintwork will be fully decontaminated before undergoing a full check to highlight any minor/major defects for wet sanding (If required) This is followed by a 2 or 3 stage correction detail which should remove up to 90% of scratches. All surfaces will then be fully degreased ready for the coating of your choice to be applied.



■  Foam cannon pre-soak & rinse
■  Two bucket multi mitt wash
■  Dry (forced air & plush microfiber towels)
■  Chemical decontamination of paint, glass & wheels
■  Remaining surface contaminates removed with clay bar leaving a slick glass like finish
■  Degrease & dress wheel wells
■  Degrease door checks & sills plus protect
■  Removal of road tar & road grime from rocker panels
■  Clean wheels including wheel barrels
■  Degrease & dress tyres (Gyeon Q₂ Tire)
■  Pre-sealant paint prep for all painted surfaces
■  Paint sealed with Gyeon Q₂ Syncro (2 coats MOHS & 1 Skin) or
Kamikaze collection (Miyabi coat & ISM hydrocarbon coating), both will give
2+ years of protection if maintained correctly.
■  Spray sealant designed to extend coating life (Gyeon Q₂ Cure-extra 2 months of protection)
■  Clean & dress plastic trim plus protect (Q₂ Trim-up to 12 months of protection)

Optional Upgrades:

Wheel faces with Gyeon Q₂ Rim add £50

Wheels removed, fully decontaminated and coated with Gyeon Q₂ Rim

(2 layers) then fully cured with our infra-red lamps - calipers done free of charge. Add £130

Glass fully decontaminated and coated with Gyeon Q₂ View

(3 coats on windscreen / 2 on sides & rear) add £60

Interior details from £50

Small cars
Starting at £780

Medium cars
Starting at £900

Starting at £996

All Prices include VAT